“It is in my opinion, one of the best, and I will continue to recommend it. Your camp teaches our southern boys that there are excellent college opportunities out there for them if they want to strive for another level.”

“There are so many camps to choose from and it is hard as a parent to know which is the right one. Our son will return next year and he will be telling his friends and high school team about the camp.”

“We appreciate the excellence with which you ran this camp experience! From communication beforehand to the logistics and execution of the camp days, y’all did an awesome job!”

“I was impressed with the tone and message that you and your staff were conveying; that it is not always all about lacrosse per se, but the character with which you present yourself and being a good teammate.”

“Thank you for one of the best parent recruiting meetings I have ever attended! Living in Southern California we don’t get this type of access and conversation from the colleges directly.”

“Thank you and the other staff coaches for last night’s clinic opportunity. Your collective knowledge and experience is extraordinary, but even more important to me personally is your perspective of how this game we love can be a powerful tool in helping players become great citizens”

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for an excellent experience at the camp. I was so impressed by the organization, the coaching, and the facilities.”

“I wanted to let you know that we have attended numerous other showcase events this summer but yours was by far the most organized and informative of the bunch. Your coach to player ratio is far superior for the boys and allowed them to be taught and seen by a multitude of college coaches….having attended your camp, my son now knows that he can continue to work hard and do his homework to find the right fit for him academically and athletically without fear that all of the college lacrosse spots will be gone. In short, because of what you do and how you do it, you can count on us attending your camp for the next two years. Thank you for an excellent opportunity and a superior run recruiting experience.”

“My son thoroughly enjoyed the camp. He has been to a few camps in the past 9 months and your camp was by far the best. I am so happy that you and your team are trying to install in these boys what it means to be a real man both on and off the field. He is looking forward to participating again next year.”

“Our son had the most incredible 3 days! And his dad was so impressed by everyone (you!! And the staff!), the whole camp in general. Unsurpassed! We will certainly pass on the camp info with strong recommendations for next year”

“Our son truly had a wonderful time at the Southern Select Camp. He appreciated all the feedback he received-things he is doing well and areas of growth.Today he played in a lacrosse tournament and watching him-directly after being at your camp- he played different! In a positive way! Thanks again! See you next year!”

“I just wanted to say thank you. I had a great time playing and learned a lot, especially from the recruiting seminar….Also, the player to coaches ratio was outstanding and I’m glad i got the opportunity to get some good exposure. Thanks again for having me at your camp”


Did YOU have a great experience at our showcase that you’d like to share? We welcome your feedback! Email us at: info@southernselectlacrosse.com.